Bathroom Case Study – Mr & Mrs Riley

We were looking to upgrade our bathroom as our son, who is a wheelchair user, was finding it increasingly difficult getting in and out of the bath. But we were adamant we didn’t want it to have the typical “disabled” look about it.

It took many trips to Regal Interiors to look at what they had available to build the perfect bathroom. We needed to take into account the height of washbasin and pedestal, toilet, type of shower, slip-proof flooring, radiator open on one side to allow towels to be slid onto it, plus lots of other little extras like the fitting of toilet roll holder, handrail.

The showroom staff (Eleanor) was extremely patient with us on our numerous visits. We tried to bring the best ideas from bathrooms we had seen around the world on our various holiday trips. Eleanor helped us to pick out the correct bathroom for our son’s needs.

The main considerations were the following: –

  • Sink – wheelchair accessible and correct height
  • Radiator – open-sided for easy towel access
  • Shower and Shower Control – individual temperature control and shower head choice
  • Granite bench and shower screen – designed to allow safe access for our son and to be able to keep his wheelchair dry

Site visits followed and the date for the work to commence was agreed and Graham & Billy did a superb job. They listened to our concerns and the job was completed to a high standard despite the fact that the floor caused them major problems!!

On completion of the re-fit, we have a bathroom that is not a typical disabled bathroom – no handrails in sight (despite us ordering one) and Graham and Billy were particularly impressed with the inclusion of a granite seat that runs the length of the shower that allows our son to be safe and independent. They hadn’t seen that before!
Throughout the whole process, there was learning on both sides and we are grateful for their patience and professionalism.

We would like to thank Eleanor for her project management and Graham & Billy for basically just getting on with it and the outcome is a beautiful bathroom that our son feels it is a great improvement for him.

View the work below –